* Dog Walks

Includes on-leash exercise, potty relief, playtime and socialization; PLUS a post-walk water check/refreshment, treat, waste disposal and, if needed, feeding/medication. Dog walks range from a brisk 15-minute potty break up to a 45-minute dog walk. Chasing Tails offers a 15, 30 and 45 minute walk.

* In-Home Pet Visits

Includes 15-25 minutes of in-home care for cats and dogs: feeding, water refreshment, potty relief, medication administration, playtime, food/water bowl cleaning and litterbox/cage cleaning.


* Private Boarding

Full-time care for well socialized, obediance-trained dogs in the comfort of our home for one pet family at a time.  Call for availability. The client is responsible for pick-up/drop off of their pet(s), as well as providing food, toys, bedding and medication that is necessary for the duration of your pet's stay. Complimentary treats provided!

* Pooper Scoop Service

Includes up to 30-minutes of waste clean-up and removal for up to 3 dogs: $25/visit. For large, one-time clean-ups, call for a quote.

* Emergency Pet Care for Hospitalizations

Call to schedule a Meet & Greet to establish service. In the event of an emergency, service can then be initiated by you, or any persons designated by you, for the duration of your hospital stay.

In-Home Subcutaneous and Intramuscular Pet Injections

This service can only be established by a written order and direct request from a licensed Veterinarian ONLY. If you are in need of this service, please have your Veterinary Clinic contact us at (219) 440-2277.